Homeowners looking to protect their property should always ensure that there’s a damp proof membrane installed.

A damp proof membrane is a cost-effective way to avoid serious problems, such as damp, mould, rot, and more, while also helping to save energy by keeping houses insulated.

If you’re wondering whether your home needs a damp proof membrane, read on as the experts at Danford, Brewer & Ives answer the important question, ‘What does a damp proof membrane do?’

What Is a Damp Proof Membrane?

A damp proof membrane is an effective form of waterproofing that creates a protective barrier against damp and moisture. A damp proof membrane commonly consists of a durable sheet of plastic material produced to a government-regulated thickness that’s a minimum of 1200 gauge.

A damp proof membrane should always be installed by a damp proofing specialist, as it should be installed in key locations throughout a property. A damp proof membrane can be installed either above or below the floor or against the interior or exterior of a property’s walls.

What Does a Damp Proof Membrane Do?

So what does a damp proof membrane do? The main purpose of a waterproof damp proof membrane is to stop moisture from seeping into the walls, floors, timbers or masonry of a building.

By creating a waterproof barrier in strategic locations, a damp proof membrane protects a home against the potential dangers created by damp and moisture.

Damp can swiftly move through a building if there’s no protection against it, using capillary action to move from one wall to the next. If left untreated, damp can cause serious structural damage, wood rot, mould and fungal infections. Many of these issues can be costly to repair, while damp and mould can be hazardous to human health, too.

Importantly, damp proof membranes also act as useful insulators. When installed against walls or below floorboards, damp proof membranes act as insulating barriers, trapping heat and saving energy.

The energy-saving capacity of a damp proof membrane ensures that it’s a cost-effective addition to a home. Over time, the cost of the installation is generally recouped and exceeded by the potential energy savings that can be made over the course of several years.

How Effective Is a Damp Proof Membrane?

A damp proof membrane forms a protective barrier against problems like damp, mould and condensation.

However, for a damp proof membrane to be at its most effective, it should always be installed by a professional. A damp proof membrane can be installed in such a way that individual sheets overlap with one another; this ensures there are no gaps, and that your home is protected by an impermeable barrier.

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