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We Are Also Experts In basement conversions


Why Choose Us?




We will arrange to visit you and survey your property. There is a small fee for the site survey, which will be confirmed on the call. If you proceed with the full works, this fee is refundable against any further works carried out.



We assess the problem and determine the best solution. Once we understand the root cause of the problem we can create a suitable plan to fix it. Following the site survey we will provide you with a written report and quotation.



We arrange a convenient time and date with you to carry out the specialist works as per the quotation. Most specialist works are usually completed within a couple of days and involve minimal disruption. Our team will keep you fully up to date on the works progress during this time.

after care


In order for the guarantee to be activated all of the specialist works need to be signed off. A comprehensive checklist will be completed by both our team & yourself to make sure you are fully satisfied with the works. Following the sign off, where appropriate, the works can be fully guaranteed.


We have regional staff in Yorkshire and Teesside
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Danford, Brewer & Ives

Danford Brewer & Ives are damp proofing and timber preservation experts covering Yorkshire, Teesside and the North East.

Our experienced team of damp proofing specialists have the expert knowledge needed to keep your property safe from damp, mould, woodworm, wet rot and dry rot. Our team is also experienced in basement conversions, and can carry out an impressive range of different building works.

Contact Danford Brewer & Ives today to find out how we can help keep your property secure.

Our Specialist Works

If you’re in need of expert damp proofing assistance, Danford Brewer & Ives is here to help. Our experienced team of licenced damp proofing specialists provides a full range of services to customers across Yorkshire, Teesside and the North East.

Our friendly staff are ready to help at every stage in the process, from your initial email or phone call right through to property surveys, repair work and guaranteed aftercare. As part of our damp-proofing services, we provide a range of specialist works, including cavity wall tie replacements, wet and dry rot treatments, and damp and timber surveys.

Our expertise isn’t limited to damp proofing, either. Our team can design and build basement conversions, carry out structural maintenance and recommend energy-saving measures. We work on both residential and commercial properties, and we’re ready to assist with your project.

Our specialist works include:

Damp Proofing

We can provide expert damp proofing measures to keep your home fully protected against the unwanted effects of rising damp, penetrating damp and condensation. If you are experiencing damp issues, our team can isolate the cause of the problem, identify the type of damp, and carry out effective treatments. We can also provide waterproofing treatments, such as installing damp-proof membranes, to ensure the problem won’t return.

Basement Conversions

If you’ve got an underutilised cellar space below your home, the basement conversion team at Danford Brewer & Ives can design and build a fully functional extension to your property. We provide expertise at every stage of the project, from the initial basement survey and design to the interior decoration and finish. Even if you don’t have a cellar space, we may be able to extend beneath the foundations to create a brand new basement below ground level.

Wet and Dry Rot

Wet and dry rot are both serious problems that affect the timbers and woodwork within a home. If left untreated, wet and dry rot can spread throughout your home with the potential to cause serious structural damage. Our teams can identify the source of wet or dry rot in a home, before applying the necessary treatments or carrying out the repair work needed to keep your property safe from further damage.


Woodworm eat their way through timbers and woodwork, feeding off the cellulose and slowly working their way through your home. If left untreated, woodworm can cause timbers to decay, leaving your home structurally weakened. Our specialists can identify the type of woodworm afflicting your home, and provide a range of woodworm treatments.

Cavity Wall Tie Replacement

Cavity wall ties are used to hold inner and outer sections of a wall together, but over time they can corrode, break or fail. If this happens, walls can buckle, masonry can be damaged and the structure of a home can be compromised. We provide a cavity wall tie replacement service that ensures your building is safe, secure and protected.

Damp and Timber Survey

If you suspect your home has damp or timber issues, our team can carry out a full inspection of the property. Our surveyors will identify any existing issues and provide recommendations for treatment and waterproofing, as well as expert advice to keep your home damp free in the future.

Our damp and timber surveys can also be combined with more detailed building surveys or homebuyer reports.

Building Works

We can consult on and carry out a wide range of additional building works on both commercial and residential properties. We regularly carry out structural maintenance, provide retail building services, and install waterproof tanking systems for clients.

Areas We Cover

Danford Brewer & Ives is primarily based in Ripon, North Yorkshire. However, we also have experienced teams located in hubs across Yorkshire, Teesside and the North East. Whether you live in Darlington or Halifax, our friendly staff are ready to travel to your property, assess your requirements, and carry out the necessary specialist works or damp proofing.

Our teams have the capacity to carry out a full range of work across the region, so please don’t hesitate to contact us if you are in need of our damp-proofing and building work expertise.

We have regional staff in:

  • Darlington
  • Harrogate
  • Huddersfield
  • Ilkley
  • Stockton-on-Tees
  • Middlesbrough
  • Ripon
  • Selby
  • Skipton
  • Wakefield
  • York

Why Choose Danford Brewer & Ives?

Our friendly team of damp proofing specialists is here to help. No damp proofing or timber preservation task is too big, and we’re ready to assist you from start to finish to ensure that your home or commercial property is thoroughly protected against all damp issues and any associated problems.

Our team is fully licensed and qualified to carry out specialist works in the North East of the UK, and we provide an insurance-backed guarantee for peace of mind.

Here are the best reasons to choose Danford Brewer & Ives:

Fully Qualified and Certified Staff

The team at Danford Brewer & Ives is fully qualified and certified to carry out a wide range of damp proofing, waterproofing and specialist works. If we aren’t qualified for a particular job, then we’ll recommend someone we trust who is.

Specialist Survey Reports and Specifications

For every property our team views or inspects, no matter what the issue is, we always provide a specialist survey report and detailed specifications for that building.