Solid stone or brick walls are notoriously poor insulators. Without proper insulation, solid walls can cost homeowners hundreds of pounds in unnecessarily high energy bills every year.

But homeowners can undertake building work to install internal solid wall insulation throughout their home. This not only lowers energy bills and saves money, but it’s a positive step for the environment too.

If you’re a homeowner with solid walls and expensive bills, discover how internal solid wall insulation can save you money.

What Is Internal Solid Wall Insulation?

Internal solid wall insulation is a type of insulation that’s applied to the inside walls of a property, with the primary goal being to lower energy consumption by preventing heat loss.

Solid walls – usually found in older houses built before cavity walls were introduced – allow heat to escape easily, as there’s no way for it to be trapped.

Inside the home, solid wall insulation can consist of a number of different materials, but is generally composed of a protective layer (plyboard, for example) that’s filled with insulating materials (such as foam).

This internal layer acts as an insulator, effectively creating a barrier that stops heat from being lost through the solid wall.

How Much Does Internal Solid Wall Insulation Cost?

The costs of such building projects vary, but we can safely say that internal solid wall insulation is a cheaper option than external solid wall insulation – despite the upfront cost, you will save money in the long term.

Costs can vary from a few hundred pounds for a small room to be fitted with solid wall insulation, up to a few thousand for an entire home.

The main factors that determine the overall cost of a project include:

  • The size of the area being insulated (bigger houses will cost more to insulate).
  • The amount of time the project takes (more installation means higher costs).
  • The types of materials used in the project (some insulating materials are more expensive than others).
  • Other works that needs carrying out (for example, if plug sockets and electrics need to be moved and rewired).

Solid Wall Insulation Savings

Potential solid wall insulation savings can be excellent for homes that are burning through energy and paying expensive electricity or gas bills every month, particularly during winter.

As with the cost of installing insulation, the savings you are likely to make depend on a number of factors. The larger the home (and the more energy you lose through poor insulation), then the more savings you will make.

Remember, this is comparative. Smaller homes also benefit from savings, but the cost of insulating a smaller home is less than the cost of insulating a larger home.

Why Install Solid Wall Insulation?

The main reasons to install solid wall insulation are to save money and energy. Despite the initial upfront expenditure, you stand to make your investment costs back over several years through energy savings.

Just as importantly, those energy savings stand to help the environment by cutting down the resources your home consumes to stay warm.

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