The power of endorsement: discuss. We remember some endorsements, so they must work, right? It must mean that they’re a success…they burrow deep and lodge themselves in the memory. The classics are all in there somewhere: whether it’s Henry Cooper, Kevin Keegan or Barry Sheene splashing Brut aftershave all over; Victor Kiam being impressed by Remington’s latest Micro Screen electric shaver; or Cilit Bang enigma Barry Scott unblocking a sink with minimal effort and a reassuring smile, endorsements stay with us. In lots of instances, they stay with us long after the product, or indeed the company making it, has ceased to exist.

Here at Danford Brewer and Ives, we very much hope that we’re in it for the long haul. What’s more, Nespresso can heave a huge sigh of relief. Yes, we’ll admit it, those rumours just aren’t true: we’re not interested in poaching George Clooney. Our approach to endorsement is rather different: rather less ‘Hollywood’, of course, yet rather more than simply making a virtue out of necessity. No celebrity fluff, or blatant attempts to grab the attention; just an endorsement by the UK’s leading independent consumer organisation.

The UK’s leading independent consumer organisation? The clue is in the question…well, the question mark at the end of it: it’s Which? And the endorsement we have received makes us one of their Which? Trusted Traders.

It’s not difficult to understand why this endorsement means so much to us. It’s because, when it comes to consumer advice, no-one is more trusted than Which? Famed for their magazine, Which? is in fact a brand name used by the Consumers’ Association. According to Wikipedia, it ‘exists to promote informed consumer choice in the purchase of goods and services by testing products, highlighting inferior products or services, raising awareness of consumer rights and offering independent advice’. Meanwhile, it ‘maintains its independence by not accepting advertising and the organisation receives no government funding’.

Moreover, ‘the Consumers’ Association is the largest consumer organisation in the UK, with over 573,000 subscribers to its magazine’.
Having such a sparkling seal of approval is one thing, but as far as we’re concerned it isn’t the only thing. Which? check us and assess us, prod us and probe us, much like they do any supplier of a product or service. Yet in this case they also serve as the trusted messenger, the gospel truth go-between that delivers bona fide reviews to the world, thus securing us our Trusted Trader status.

Positive comments from our customers are the main point: for what better endorsement can there be but one from someone who has been there, done it – or, rather, had it done – and is so impressed by the results that they have gone out of their way to tell the world about it? Of course, doing so only takes a few minutes, but so far as we are concerned it’s what really matters. And it’s a trend that’s there for all to see: nowadays, Amazon book reviews are as important as one from a critic in a national newspaper. It speaks of a desire for authenticity. And though such ratings systems might be open to manipulation, the Which? seal of approval is one which, we think, is as good a stamp of genuine-ness as there is.

In our opinion, then, it’s the perfect combination: the most respected consumer rights group giving voice to honest appraisals from our customers. We are proud to be known as a Which? Trusted Trader! And we would very much like the word to spread, so more people can learn all about our range of building services including damp proofing, timber treatment, extensions, building maintenance and basement conversions.

Contact us now, visit our website…and, of course, our Which? Trusted Trader page 🙂