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What’s a Pre-Purchase Damp and Timber Report?

If you’re in the process of buying a new house, then pre-purchase damp and timber reports are often required by mortgage lenders before they’ll consider lending money for the purchase. Mortgage providers often require this in addition to a valuation report, as a specialist damp and timber survey is much more detailed.

A damp and timber report offers a detailed insight into the condition of a property, and it can be a deciding factor in not only the final sale price of the property, but whether or not you can secure a mortgage.

Because pre-purchase damp and timber reports provide much-needed information they are highly recommended, even if your mortgage lender doesn’t require one. Catching problems before you sign for purchase can save you thousands of pounds in the long run. Imagine buying a new home, only to discover that there’s hidden mould taking over the living room?

Our detailed pre-purchase damp and timber reports provide in-depth coverage of a property’s damp and mould situation, including recommendations and photographs of issues. Our reports are comprehensive and will be accepted by mortgage providers.

We Offer Damp Surveys Covering Yorkshire, Teesside and the North East

Danford Brewer & Ives has been providing damp and timber reports for decades to homeowners in Yorkshire, Teesside and North East England. Book in your pre-purchase damp and timber survey today.

Our specialist surveyors provide pre-purchase damp and timber reports in the following areas:
Darlington, Halifax, Harrogate, Huddersfield, Ilkley, Stockton-On-Tees, Middlesbrough, Ripon, Selby, Skipton, Wakefield, York and nearby areas.

  • Removing the surrounding soil or bridging material to be a minimum of 150mm below the existing Damp Proof Course.
  • Inject a Chemical Damp Proof Course.
  • Replace any damp or rotten flooring.
  • Remove and replace any plaster work, skirting boards, radiators etc. if necessary.

What Happens During a Pre-Purchase Damp and Timber Survey?

A pre-purchase damp and timber survey is a comprehensive audit of the property you’re looking to buy. The damp and timber specialists will survey the entire property, including hard-to-reach spaces such as attics, basements and (if possible) under-floor areas.

The surveyors are primarily looking for signs of any of the following:

● Condensation damp

● Rising damp

● Penetrating damp

● Wet rot

● Dry rot

● Woodworm infestations

● Other pests

Surveyors check inside and outside the property, with a particular focus on any known problem areas where damp, rot or mould can set in. The surveyors check if there is an existing damp-proof course in the walls and they use equipment such as a moisture meter to check if damp levels are high.

Surveyors check timbers for signs of infestations or for the onset of rot, and they will identify any areas of the home you need to be concerned about. As well as finding existing problems, it’s the job of the surveyor to note any part of the property that may need work in the future or could be at risk in years to come.

Once they have acquired readings, taken photographs and collected the data and information they need, a surveyor gets to work compiling their report. Our detailed reports contain all the information your mortgage provider needs to assess your application, and we’ll provide a detailed breakdown of any work that needs doing to the property in regards to damp and timbers.

As part of the report, we provide cost estimates for any work that needs to be completed, giving you an excellent idea of the accuracy of the valuation or the asking price on the home.


How Much Does a Pre-Purchase Damp and Timber Report Cost?

The cost of a pre-purchase damp and timber survey depends on a number of factors. The major factors to be considered are the size of the property and the time it will take to compile a detailed report.

Prices vary, but on average are in the region of £250–£500. Other factors such as accessibility may also affect the overall cost of a pre-purchase damp and timber report. In the long term, the upfront cost of a damp and timber survey is always worth the money.

A pre-purchase survey can help you to secure a better deal on your mortgage and a better deal on the price of the property. Identifying existing problems allows you to negotiate with the current owner, have repairs carried before you make a purchase, and prevent you from paying out for unforeseen repair costs further down the line.

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We provide pre-purchase damp and timber reports in Yorkshire, Teesside, and North East.

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