Damp and timber reports are an essential feature of homebuyers surveys, offering you peace of mind before purchasing your dream home or alerting you to the presence of dangerous damp, mould or woodworm before you sign the contract.

Damp and timber reports have a wide range of benefits, and they’re well worth the extra cost. To help you to better visualise why a damp and timber survey is so important, we asked our experts at Danford Brewer & Ives to explain more about why you need these reports.

What Is a Damp and Timber Report?

Damp and timber reports, also known as a damp and timber survey, are the only way to confidently know if your home is free from damp, mould and woodworm.

They provide you, as a potential homeowner, with a detailed analysis of damp that may be present in a building, including damp and condensation. A damp and timber survey can also catch signs of woodworm infestations and any other types of mould or timber decay that may be present.

As a minimum, it will identify if any of the following are present:

  • Condensation damp

  • Rising damp

  • Penetrating damp

  • Wet rot

  • Dry rot

  • Woodworm infestations

  • Other pests

Many of the problems associated with damp or woodworm infestations are difficult to identify without specialist knowledge and experience. Many infestations and types of damp look remarkably similar, and while some are potentially damaging to the structure of a property, others can be harmless.

A damp and timber survey is carried out by a professional, qualified surveyor who examines all areas of a property where damp could be present. This includes the outside and inside of the home, under the floorboards, in the attic and in the walls. A professional surveyor not only identifies existing problems but can provide details and expertise on potential solutions too.

What Are the Benefits of Damp and Timber Reports?

There are multiple reasons to have a damp and timber report carried out before you purchase a property. They are commonly organised by homeowners who believe they have an existing damp or timber problem, which they are struggling to identify themselves.

Damp and timber reports provide a thorough examination of the safety of a building’s structure, including integral areas such as the foundations. Mould and damp can also cause long-term health problems and respiratory illnesses, so for health and safety alongside peace of mind, a damp and timber survey is incredibly important.

For homebuyers, having existing problems identified gives them the opportunity to negotiate prices or have the current owner fix those problems before purchase. Structural problems are expensive to fix, so a damp and timber survey could save you thousands of pounds, making it well worth the initial upfront costs of organising a professional report.

Damp and timber reports have a number of benefits that make them an essential part of pre-purchase home surveys:

  • Identify dangerous or costly damp and timber problems

  • Identify problem areas below ground level, which might not be evident without a professional

  • Identify areas of the home that may become a problem in the future, if not well maintained

  • Avoid the need for expensive damp proofing after purchase

  • Avoid the need for expensive post-purchase woodworm treatments

  • Prepare the home for condensation or damp in winter

  • Identify the source of musty smells

  • Create a healthier home environment

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