It’s that time of year again- the dark nights are closing in and the leaves are starting to look a little less green – safe to say, the hustle and bustle of the summer holidays are over…
We’re still keeping busy here at Danford, Brewer & Ives though; members of the team are putting the finishing touches to our display for the Harrogate Homebuilding and Renovating Show in November. We will be there to give tips and advice, meet potential clients, and promote our new online shop, which is almost ready to go live!
To get tickets for the Show, visit … we hope to see you there!
Out in the field, the guys have been all over the country doing what they do best. Contracts with a large shop-fitting firm have taken them to Coventry, Southend and Birmingham where they have been doing everything from fencing, improving accessibility by creating wheelchair ramps, and laying flooring, to opening up doorways, building internal walls, and rendering.
Damp proofing works have kept us busy, working in Middlesborough, Darlington, Ripon, Northallerton and York. In Fulford, we have been replacing old floor boards in the social hall with brand new oak flooring, and treating and preserving the original joists.
Top tips for a dry home during the wet seasons!
It is during this time of the year that damp and condensation can cause a real problem in the home. Condensation is the most common cause of dampness in buildings, the first visible sign being black mould growth.
To help control condensation problems in your home during the autumn and winter months, try not to dry wet clothes on radiators, and regulate the heating on the thermostat to a constant, but lower, temperature. Where possible, maintain a flow of fresh air through the property by opening one or two windows slightly, and put those kitchen and bathroom extractor fans to good use!